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Visit the Guianans 9 Project 9 Unspoiled nature at its best!

Unspioled nature at its best

experiencing the pristine Amazon rainforest is a real gift for nature lovers

Look no further for an experience in pure nature in 3Guyanas! The experience in this pristine Amazon rainforest is a real gift for nature lovers and for those who appreciate peace in nature. There is so much to see in the coastal plain, Savannah and the real rainforest with its ancient trees. Enjoy the wildlife, in my opinion a world wonder, the Kaieteur waterfalls! See also historical places where nature has taken over again, such as the old fortresses in Guyana, the old prison is French Guyana and the former Jewish village in Suriname. Navigate rivers that still depend on the original inhabitants of the Guianas, the Natives and later the runaway slaves. Take long or short walks in nature and let the guide reveal the secrets of the Amazon as our medicine cabinet. Go on an adventure in the nature of the 3 Guianas, stay in a basic eco resort run by locals, or opt for luxury in nature! Visit the Guianas and discover your own Eldorado!




Adventure in the evenings

Have you wanted to experience Dolphins and Sea Turtles up close? Then this is your chance! Dolphins and Sea Turtles are found in all estuaries of rivers in the 3 Guianas. For your evening adventure, we bring you to spot Dolphins and Sea Turtles in their own natural environment surrounded by large boats sailing by. During the boat trip towards the coast, in the early evening, the guide will first look for places where the Dolphins can be found. With a Dolphins whisperer in our team, we know how to spot them! After which we continue our way to admire the gigantic Sea Turtles up close.


The guide tells about the Dolphins we will see today. The Guyana river dolphin, or Profusu in Suriname, is not a fish but a mammal. It is relatively small, with a length between 90 cm and 1.80 meters. The round back is dark grey with a white, pink belly. They can weigh up to 80 pounds! They live in groups of about 10 animals and are mainly active in the morning hours and in the late afternoon, because then they look for a nice meal. After an hour of sailing, the boatswain shuts down the engine and we search the horizon while bobbing. And suddenly close to the boat we see three! They perform all sorts of tricks, tumble forward, jump out of the water and seem to “smile”. Everyone is also happy with this! We also managed to take some pictures. The boatswain suddenly puts on salsa music, according to the guide the Dolphins like that! Everyone wants to dance to shows by Juan Luis Guerra, but in the boat that does not work very well!



Bird spotting 

In between we enjoy a delicious Surinamese dinner in the boat where the balmy breeze of the river wind blows through your hair! After greeting the Dolphins, we sail towards the sea, to the beach of Braampunt. The weather cooperates and we can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the boat! This makes you super relaxed! In the mangrove forests along the river we spot bright red Ibises and white Tjon Tjons. A nice picture yields that, green trees with red / white birds in it!

Sea turtles on the beach

We also pass a fishing camp, where I have the idea that the houses are collapsing, but according to the guide, the fishermen often have to move because the beach is literally washed away under their feet! Now I understand why they don’t pay attention to a solid house! In the distance you can already see the Braamspunt beach, our goal! When we arrive at the beach, the guide tells us about the Sea Turtles. They come ashore at Braamspunt beach to lay eggs after swimming thousands of kilometres, some even from Africa!

The turtles that you can encounter in Suriname and French Guiana

There are 4 sea turtle species that you will encounter in the 3 Guianas, the Leatherback Turtle or Aitkanti, Krape, Warana and Karet. But the one we will see on the beach today is the largest turtle in the world, namely the Aitkanti! It is the only sea turtle that does not belong to the Sea Turtle family but to the Leather Turtle family. This is due to his deviant way of life. Apart from a few larger crocodile-like ones, it is also the largest living reptile on earth! It can grow up to 2.4 meters long and the average weight is between 575-900 kilograms, comparable to a small car! Unbelievable! After this story we start our beach walk in the dark! In addition to the guide, we also search the beach, it is not easy because it is very dark and only the guide has a flashlight with red light on! The red light is to protect them, and does not scare the turtles as they come out of the water, otherwise they will immediately turn around and then lay their eggs in the sea. So there will never be little ones and we do not want this!




 Laying eggs

And yes we are lucky we see a Sea Turtle very quickly with the help of the guide’s sharp eyes. What a whopper! She is already laying eggs, you hear plop plop and the eggs fall 1 into a deep hole that she dug with her legs. The mother turtle does not even make a sound and to think that she is actually giving birth !!! This spectacle lasts about an hour, we all just sit quietly around her, on the beach and everyone enjoys the peace, the beach, the night and this magical animal in his own way! The guide will lie down next to her so we can see how long she is compared to us! And now I believe his story about their height! Sure enough, she was much longer than the guide! When she is finished I hear a sigh do not know if it comes from me or from the turtle who has just completed a difficult task! She spins a few laps and shovels sand to close it, she scatters a little further and does exactly the same, according to the guide she makes “fake holes” to confuse poachers!

The end of this night adventure!

It is already 10 o’clock in the evening, we walk further on the beach and see even more Sea turtles with groups of people around them. According to the guide, there should not be too many people around 1 turtle, this is to protect them. Everyone nods sympathetically and in consultation with the guide and the rest of the group decide to give up and return to our hotel. On the way back it is quite cold in the boat! I will now put on my rain hood and extra sweater because in the boat you will get wet from the splashing water and then there will be a chilly evening wind! So be prepared if you will make this trip !!