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The ultimate fishing experience

In the Guianas there are about 3000 different types of fish

In the Guianas there are about 3000 different types of fish and I distribute Sea, River, Freshwater and Swamp fish. From the smallest Tetra aquarium fish to the meter-long Lau-Lau (Piraiba) you will encounter in the Guianas. The known fishing spots are; estuaries, swamps, Brokopondo lake and deep inland at the origin of rivers.

Sport fishing in the Guianas

For the “die hard” sport fishermen the Arapaima, Anjoemara (Wolffish), Redtail, Peacock bass and the Lalaw are the real stars! The patience in the bright sun and the hours of struggle is all worth it at the end! Please note after the photo, immediately release the fish in the water!

The Araipaimas and the Piranha are the best known fish in the 3 Guianas. The Arapaima in South America is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Some reach over 3 meters in length and weigh over 180 pounds. Piranhas are notorious for their very sharp triangular teeth and strong jaws that produce a powerful bite. They are a freshwater fish found all over South American rivers and lakes, with some of the largest known seen in the Amazon Basin of Guyana. Although relatively small compared to Guyana’s popular Arapaima fish, ranging from 5-14 inches on average, their reputation as a predator makes them one of the most feared fish in the world! And yet one species is known among them that only eats seeds and fruits, namely the Kumaru. So danger is not lurking everywhere!

The best time for sport fishing

The best periods for sport fishermen are mainly in the dry periods:

– From August to March: coastal plain

– From June to February: far inland

Lodges for sports fishermen

Depending on your wishes, you can choose between a comfortable stay for sport fishing or a “back to basic” camp. The fishing trips are fully arranged; fishing guide, chef, small aluminium boats with motor and fishing equipment. The trips vary between one-day, two-day, eight-day, ten-day and sixteen-day fishing trips.


Swamp fishing

Swamp fishing is a well-known sport among the locals. A desired spot are the channels along the East-West road, here you often see cars with bamboo rods and people fishing along the side of the road. The swamp fish are caught with a fishing rod and intended for consumption. I have special appreciation for these fishermen, in the sun, sitting still for hours and often also between meters of grass and maybe a hose nearby! No, definitely not my thing, although I am a fish eater, I leave the fishing to my other family members. Kwie Kwie is one of the most loved swamp fish. The fish is armoured and looks strange, but very tasty! Other fish that are caught with fishing rod in swamp areas are Krobia, Pataccas and Walapas.

The best time for fishing

Swamp fish are protected by the government, which is why opening and closing times apply to swamp fishing.

Sea and river fishing

In the estuary of the rivers and near the sea they can also be encountered; Electric eels, Rays, Cowfish and Catfish. Here too, you have to be patient for hours in the bright sun and hope to catch a big fish!