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Hiking adventures in the Guianas

Mountaineering in the Guianas

Do you have a top condition? Then climbing mountains is a fun activity! In the Guyanas, there is also the choice of climbing solid mountains or smaller ones, which do not require top fitness from you. Or do you want to combine mountain climbing with a few days in the jungle, sleeping in a hammock, bathing in the river and catching your own dinner? That is also possible, experience the “back to basic” hikes. For this tour you should not be afraid of getting dirty, or fear of snakes and spiders. A tough climb up the mountain, but the amazingly beautiful view over the green Amazon forest is more than worth it! Experience a real adventure a la Freek Vonk! Climbing a mountain as a one-day trip is also possible, you do not have to stay in the wilderness for days. Suitable for people with a moderate condition … just like me! During these tours there is a good chance that you will encounter monkeys, sloths, land birds such as the Powisi, lizards and maybe even a snake. Follow the instructions of the guide closely because he will see something you don’t see!


Golden frog in the bromeliads and as you get closer to the fall, you really believe that the Kaieteur fall, the highest single water drop waterfall in the world is!

Hiking in the Guianas

In the Guianas there are ample opportunities for nice long or short walks, whether or not in the rainforest or just in a city. When I am on a trip I like to start my forest walk early in the morning, immediately after breakfast. Make sure you wear sneakers because of the many excellent roots and bite insects, you still want to protect your delicate feet! The chance is therefore great to spot all kinds of birds that are still busy with their morning song! I love that! You can also encounter many small insects such as the ants that can empty an entire tree within 1 night! and also beautiful Amazon flowers from bright red coloured Palulus to light purple, I have to restrain myself not to pick a few! They would look great on my front terrace! Or walk past an old plane in Kabalebo and let the guide tell you about the many herbs and products that the Amazon forest knows. Drink water from a liana, burn a candle from tree resin, cut your own parrot from a piece of wood, hear the echo in the forest after a blow on the phone tree and so on. During your walks, don’t forget to look out for monkeys, sloths and if you are lucky you will see the famous orange Rock Rooster doing his dance to spawn a female. In Guyana the highlight is the hike to the majestic Kaieteur waterfall (only accessible by plane), see the