The Visit Guianas

The Guianas

Your holiday destination in South America!

Visit the Guianans 9 Project 9 Day trip Adventures

Adventure in the Guianas

Zipline across the river
Kayaking in tropical rivers

Choose the quad drive and ziplining day tour. Drive on your quad through the woods of the savanna jungle on sandy and muddy roads and get dirty! Go zip-lining on the longest zipline in Suriname, through the jungle, and across dark waters! Cool off and end this adventure by swimming in creek water.

Enjoy nature in its purest form and travel in a kayak over the lakes and creeks and become one with nature! This guided kayak day excursion is also perfect for families. Spot wild animals such as birds, sloths and monkeys if you are lucky during this kayak adventure.

Dolphins in the river
Plantation buildings

Spot river dolphins in their own habitat while sailing on the rivers. During this boat excursion dolphins could come close to the boat and if you are very lucky they can give you a performance! Spot different birds and enjoy a romantic sunset from the water!

For an active day trip with teens, choose this guided bike trip! Cross the River in a long wooden boat, visit old forts where history comes to life with the canons! Cycle through small villages with different churches and watch locals working on their agricultural plots. If you are lucky you can spot monkeys and anteaters on former plantations.